We strive to make our dining experience one more reason Bridge Street is Where You Want To Be. Therefore, every day we do our best to surpass the expectations of our residents and their guests. Served in our elegant and inviting dining room, we offer three complete meals each day, as well as refreshments and light snacks between meals. Because our team understands the importance of good food for both the health and the happiness of our residents, the kitchen and service staff make it a priority to ensure that every dining experience is an enjoyable one, suited to the resident’s tastes.

To help reach this goal, we strive to incorporate our ‘fresh is best’ philosophy into every meal and therefore provide a menu made primarily from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and support Ontario farmers whenever possible. The meals we provide are like those that our residents served their families: delicious, of the highest quality, and nutritious. 

To incorporate flexibility into the dining program, a senior member of our dietary team meets with all incoming residents to determine likes/dislikes, allergies, and other dietary concerns. They also host regular menu planning sessions to get resident input and feedback. This process ensures that our kitchen staff are well-guided and can infuse variety into the menu at Bridge Street.

Sample Menu